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Tips to get more likes on Instagram and Facebook

Tips to get more likes on Instagram and Facebook Online ZIP

Among the first steps to promote Instagram is to get at least 50-100 subscribers so that the account doesn't look like it has zero followers.
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This will definitely generate more trust from users who come from bloggers, targeting or Instagram searches (ref.:


This method is not suitable for the query "How to promote Instagram from scratch. An account for cross-promotion or cross-promotion must already have an audience.

What we do next:

  • Look for an account with similar or related topics and with about the same number of followers.
  • Exchange content, like guest posts, live shows, or joint marathons.
  • An example of a successful cross-promo is an account of a sportswear brand running a workout marathon with a fitness trainer.

Promotion on other platforms

If you actively run another channel (Youtube and others), offer your audience to subscribe to your Instagram.

Important: Users need to understand why they need another account of yours. It's unlikely that subscribers are interested in watching the same content. Work with different formats and topics.

An example of this way of promotion from a blogger with a promoted Youtube channel with expert information. A girl offers to subscribe to her Instagram, where she shares personal things.

User-generated content

Works for brands and for individual users who want to promote an account.

An option for a brand is to invite users to post a photo with their product and a special hashtag. Then, the brand reposts those posts to their page.

For personal accounts, tag brands. Then there's a chance that the instagram page will get reposted to the brand's account. It's a win-win - the user gets more reach and the brand gets content.

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