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Playstation prepaid PSN Gift card for Finland

Playstation prepaid PSN Gift card for Finland Online ZIP

Sony, owner of the worldwide PlayStation product, has been offering the latest generation called PlayStation 4 since 2013, the result of decades of gaming experience.
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Continuous technical and IT upgrades have transformed the PlayStation consoles and their content into real computers, networked with a range of advanced features and services.

In addition to hugely successful games such as FIFA, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Dragon Ball Fighters, it is now possible to watch videos, listen to music, and hear demos of the most innovative upcoming games via PlayStation 4.

This development has also affected the commercial aspect and the company's Store functions, with the introduction of a payment system via PlayStation prepaid cards. You can check the actual conditions for finnish users on the PSN gift card Finland website.

How the PlayStation system works

PlayStation 4 currently on sale has two options, the non-subscription option, which allows limited use of the system's overall potential, and the subscription option, called PlayStation Plus, which enables a broad and comprehensive set of gaming possibilities.

In particular, by subscribing to PlayStation Plus, various exclusive activities can be used, such as the online game function that allows the player to challenge other PlayStation Network subscribers around the world. In addition to this, the subscription guarantees the backup of games in progress, a series of free or discounted games, and the function of sharing games even with those who do not have the same software as you.

On balance, therefore, the subscription is worthwhile (the cost is 60€ per year, 25€ per quarter or 8€ per month) because the advantages for the player are considerable. Activating the subscription is very simple, via your PSN on the PlayStation system (which every gamer has as a user) you access PlayStation Store and choose PlayStation Plus, then follow the directions. When the subscription is taken out and the first deposit is made, the 'auto add funds' function is created by default and this is where the usefulness of PlayStation Prepaid Cards comes into play.

How to use PSN gift cards in Finland

PlayStation launched a prepaid card called the PlayStation Network Card a few years ago, which comes in various denominations from £20 to £70. It can be found in shops usually authorised to sell prepaid cards, or on online shops such as Amazon, as well as, of course, PlayStation Store.

The card provides a 12-digit code with which the player can transfer the value within the system by opting for the 'redeem code' function within PlayStation Store. Or in the Sony Entertainment network site, use their account by opting "redeem prepaid card". This will result in a credit that can be used within the virtual shop for purchases or to renew the PlayStation plus subscription.

Why to buy a Finnish PSN gift card

Why use a PlayStation prepaid card when the system allows other forms of payment? There are actually several reasons, first and foremost the security that the system offers as no credit card details or other data that could be hacked are used.

The risk one runs is therefore limited to the amount of the card the player will have chosen to purchase based on the expenditure they have planned. This is why it can be useful to deactivate the 'automatic funds addition' function in order to avoid entering sensitive data and thus use the prepaid card.

  • The only caveat is to constantly check the remaining fund to ensure that it does not run out; it is best to avoid this by making a deposit in advance with a new card.
  • PlayStation prepaid cards are also cost-effective compared to other forms of deposit, such as PayPal, which, however little, charges a fee.
  • The PlayStation card is now as popular as the product it refers to. It can therefore be an excellent solution for gifts to friends or acquaintances.

Alternatives to the Playstation PSN Card to consider

For those of you looking for a secure card for online and in-store purchases that's easy and convenient to use in Italy and abroad, check out our ranking of the best prepaid cards with IBAN.

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