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Lowrance vs Humminbird vs Garmin

Lowrance vs Humminbird vs Garmin Online ZIP

FishHunter - offers wired and wireless models, featuring the ability to display a three-dimensional image of the bottom. Suitable for fishing from the shore, small boats and from the pier.
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Table of contents:

Deeper Start

A great option for both beginners and experienced anglers: to compare. Differs in a possibility of flexible adjustments and simplicity of management. With the functional part, everything is also fine, it allows you to determine the type of fish, find out exactly its location and save your favorite places. The detailed echogram deserves special attention here.


  • scanning depth - up to 50 m;
  • one beam;
  • food - from batteries / accumulators;
  • operating temperature - up to 40 °C.


  • Magnetic USB charging cable.
  • Auto on and off.
  • Profitable price.


  • Does not determine bottom density.
  • Does not display water temperature.

Shows fish even in the swamp. Communication with phone max. about 20 m.


There are several types of fish finders according to the method of mounting sensors - Wikipedia: Fish finder is the reference:

  • transom - attached to the transom of the boat;
  • mortise - installed in a hole in the hull of the boat;
  • glued - attached to the bottom of the boat, this does not require special fasteners, but the measurements will not be as accurate as when using the two previous methods.
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