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Lead generation: examples, management, tips

Lead generation: examples, management, tips Online ZIP

Lead generation is the process of attracting the interest of potential customers and turning it into sales transactions. It represents a crucial part of the sales process for many companies.
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A lead is any person who has shown interest in a company's products or services, without having completed a purchase. They are the potential customers who have not completed a purchase, but have given reason to believe that they may do so in the future.

The Evolution of Lead Generation

Generating leads in the past required name lists and telephone sales made by sales managers without leveraging previous contacts, but technology now allows us to generate leads based on specific criteria and information. Companies gather information on prospects and then tailor sales methods and presentations to the needs of potential customers.

This is largely achieved through digital channels, using inbound marketing techniques along with some of the outbound marketing methods used in the past (more on this below). Timely lead generation can make the sales cycle more effective and lead to the acquisition of an increasing number of customers. 

Lead Generation in the Digital Age

Purchasing patterns have changed dramatically with the development of the Internet and the multiplication of information - of immediate accessibility - available to consumers.

In the past, it was common practice for sales managers to establish contact with potential buyers who had no information about the company in order to present its products and services to them.

Today, customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. They can use search engines, social media, blogs and other online channels to research and become an expert on a product before communicating directly with a company representative. The sales cycle will continue to evolve with new and future technologies.

This vast amount of information also means that customers are no longer interested in listening to a traditional sales presentation that is not directly related to their needs. Today, it is important for companies to focus on generating new leads by developing a strong digital presence. This is often achieved using inbound marketing methods that employ techniques such as SEO and social media marketing.

The digital age has also made it easier for companies to research and understand their potential leads. By understanding the desires and needs of target customers, companies can tailor information to better attract them, as well as qualify potential leads based on a variety of factors, such as engagement and demographic information. It is increasingly important for companies not only to generate new leads, but also to develop and consolidate relationships with them.

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Tools

Once the strategy has brought traffic to the site and provided visibility to the company's product and/or service, all that remains is to start converting visitors who come into contact with the business into potential customers. By leaving their personal data, they are ready to take advantage of lead nurturing activities. At this stage, a whole range of marketing automation tools can come to the aid of the lead generation expert.

By triggering an automated e-mail system, with Mailchimp, Magnews or Hubspot, it will be possible to 'pamper' and nurture the relationship with the contacts found. Other software of fundamental importance are Unbounce for the creation of landing pages or Hotjar for heat maps and qualitative analysis of online user behaviour.

In this phase, in fact, the leads found, i.e. users potentially interested in what the company has to offer, can turn into prospects, i.e. potential customers who have shown interest in the company's product and/or service.

In short, without a comprehensive lead generation strategy, it will not be possible to maximise one's business investments and succeed in converting leads into customers. Every company should realise this as soon as possible and start learning more about this topic.

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