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How do you describe the editing process of an essay?

How do you describe the editing process of an essay? Online ZIP

Your text is now really, really final? That means you can finalize the layout and hand it in. But wait, did you edit it? It is an important part that should not be skipped. Without editing your essay will most likely be rejected.
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Yes, sometimes the deadline is very close and you need to edit your essay fast. In this situation, it is perfectly fine to seek professional help. Just remember, to find the best essay editing service you should carefully read the reviews and only then decide on ordering.

Tips for editing

If you find yourself in the situation of having to edit something, the best thing to do - assuming you have the soft and hard skills required for this job - is to go through the following checklist:

  • Is the language of the text flawless? Have commas been placed in the important places?
  • Are there semantic deficiencies?
  • Does the text have a density of filler words that is not too high?
  • Did you adhere to the given standards?
  • Do you still need an expert to assess the accuracy of technical statements?
  • Do the images slip in the content management system?
  • Are there any other visual defects that need to be corrected?

You can find helpful free programs and websites that can help with brainstorming, plagiarism checking, and other questions you may face as part of your work process.

Do not rush this. Take your time and pause a lot. Good text comes from consistent and patient editing. About 50-80% of the total time it takes to get to a finished text comes down to editing. Just because you have a bachelor's thesis down in a week doesn't mean your text is ready for print. Take at least as long to polish it as you took to write it. And always take breaks of 1-2 days between each revision step to get some distance to the text.

With spelling, grammar, and comma placement all in place, you can venture into style. You should be able to do this in 1-2 passes, as you are not writing a novel. Revise at least in one pass unnecessary filler words and in a second pass the civil servant style, in which your essay is most likely written.

Now that you think your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and expression match and you could finally submit your paper, hand over your work. Always hand over your work only when you think that the text stands.

Ideally, one of your fellow students or a paid editor will go through your and use the revise function to edit and comment diligently. After that, you decide for yourself what suggested changes you want to accept and which ones you don't.

Professional editing is recommended for those who have difficulties with revising, are unsure, and want to learn how to revise under guidance. For bachelor theses it is in my opinion somewhat superfluous, for dissertations, it can be worthwhile.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. Now you know how to edit your essay, so we are sure that you will only get good grades. If you encounter problems while editing your papers, do not be afraid to use editing services.

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