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Bose soundbar 500 vs 700

Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 Online ZIP

The columns must be securely and firmly fixed. They take up free space, clutter up the room. To solve the problem with poor sound quality, you need to buy a soundbar. It has a compact size, harmoniously fit into the space, interior design.
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Many people do not know about the soundbar, what it is and what it is for. This is a mono speaker, inside which there are several speakers. It perfectly replaces modern acoustic systems, saves space. One of the main advantages is simple installation, installation and connection. The enhances the sound quality of your TV.

Types of soundbars

There are two types of soundbar soundbars. They differ in their design features. There are several types:

  • Active soundbars. They have been specially designed to work as an independent audio system. The active soundbar reproduces the sound from the TV without the need for additional devices. It is used to amplify other signal sources. Users will be able to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Passive soundbars. The speaker system attracts attention with its compact size. If necessary, users can combine up to three channels in one housing. You can place the device above or below the TV.
  • Digital sound projector. The design includes several compact speakers. They are placed in the same housing, designed to connect different audio channels. The sound is projected throughout the room.
  • Most often, users choose modern models of digital sound projectors. Amplifiers, powerful audio processors, are placed inside the device to connect different devices.

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