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Betting vs Investments

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In some ways, they can be compared to bank investments, when the depositor receives a certain percentage of the total amount.
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However, the difference between these methods of increasing capital is that the guarantee of earnings with bank investments is higher than 22 bet app. At the same time, the players of the bookmaker's offices can dispose of their personal funds in a metered manner without replenishing the gaming account with significant amounts. Investors, on the other hand, have to entrust large amounts to the bank in order to obtain tangible profit.

Mathematical calculation of sports betting

To place bets correctly, you can't do without math. Mathematics plays a key role in sports betting. With its help, it is easy to see how effective this type of earnings is for you personally. It is important to determine how effective you are as a player. To do this, it is enough to solve one simple example - see 22 bet apk for details:

S = K x Z

In this equation, K is the average odds of your bets, and Z is the percentage of bets won. If the S number is more than one, then you have profit from the bets made. If less, then you are at a loss. It is clear that if you are serious about rates, considering them as a source of income, then you have a table in which you can clearly see whether you are in plus or minus.

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