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Best laptop for Sims

Best laptop for Sims Online ZIP

As for the screen refresh rate, there are a lot of myths and hype around this parameter, but in fact, 60 Hz is more than enough for work and home use. You can also choose screens with a 100Hz refresh rate, but this option will be more appreciated by gamers in fast-paced games. If you are not a gamer and know about modern toys only by hearsay, it makes no sense to choose a high screen refresh rate setting.
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Screen size

Screen size is an incredibly important parameter that determines the dimensions of your new gadget. The smallest and most compact netbooks are 11 inches in size and are about the size of a tablet, making them incredibly easy to carry. The average standard diagonals are 14 and 15.6 inches. They are optimal for work, study and watching TV shows, while they are convenient to take with you on the road, the average price is also good. Laptops with larger diagonals (17.3 inches and more) have their own charms: they are incredibly convenient to work on, watch videos, photos, but you can’t call a mobile device anymore. Check this post as well Best laptop for Sims.

Best laptop for Sims

If you are buying such a laptop for home, then this is an ideal option, if you need a mobile gadget, it is better to stay on a more modest diagonal. If you work with graphics and want to see an impressive monitor, you should not look for the largest laptop, just choose a diagonal of 17.3 inches and use it in conjunction with an external monitor.

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