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Best gas grills under $500

Best gas grills under $500 Online ZIP

Next comes the most popular size range - these are grills designed for 4-6 people. The size of the grate for grills varies between 65-70x45-50 cm. It is several centimeters longer in length and depth than the previous category of grills.
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Someone will think that these few centimeters do not play any role, but, believe me, they play a very significant one. The grate becomes more spacious, the grill is more convenient to work with, and the large oven allows you to cook very interesting long recipes, such as roasting on the grate, a special stand or a skewer. In the vast majority of models in the oven, there are no longer three, but four main burners under the grate.


Sometimes we are faced with the fact that such grills are credited with the ability to feed 12-15 or more people at a time, but let's be objective. You can, of course, cook on such a grill for 50 people, but then you have to stand by it all day.

It is important to understand the meaning behind such statements. When we say “for 4-6 people”, this means that on the grill you can fry 6 fairly large steaks at the same time with vegetables or cook juicy salmon fillet on four planks, or bake a couple of fragrant and juicy chickens on a stand with beer, or on a spit . Or make ribs, brisket - cult dishes of American grill culture. You can add pizza with a crispy crust. Take any of these options, add a fresh vegetable salad to it, and six people will definitely be satisfied with the feast. And this is the easiest thing to do. Recipes are huge. Well, in the end, you can surprise everyone with some magical dessert, for example, baked peaches in caramel or strudel.

Best gas grills under $500 dollars

The best gas grills under 500 will feed 12-15 people, but only in the format of snacks (if you want more thoroughly, then again you will have to work longer as a cook). You can, for example, arrange about 20 cutlets on a wire rack and then collect 20 burgers. Or fry 40 sausages at a time. Or fill the entire grate with new potatoes and bake it. But all these are too simple solutions for such a thoughtful grill. What matters here is not the speed of cooking and records for the amount of food, but the process.

This grill size is designed to comfortably cook for 4-6 people (similar to the other quantity categories). You must freely use the space under the lid, do not try to put an excess amount of ingredients under it. You need to understand that there must be free space on the grate, even at maximum load, so that the heat circulates correctly. This affects the correctness of the cooking process. Note that if, for example, you heat up the grill to 300 °C and place the steaks very tightly on the grill over the entire area, and close the lid, then after 2-3 minutes the temperature will not return to 300 °C. This suggests that the layer of steaks works as a heat cutter, as in a charcoal ceramic grill. They are fried only from below, and cold air walks from above. And if there was the right convection environment, the meat would be cooked evenly from all sides.

And then, when the grate is littered with ingredients, you just don’t have time to turn them over in time, with a very high probability something will burn. Plus you need to quickly close the lid. After all, it is cooking with a closed lid that ensures uniform roasting and gives the dish more juiciness, since the evaporation of moisture is inhibited.

Napoleon Rogue-425SB best gas grills under 500

At the junction of the two categories is also the Napoleon Rogue-425 SB in black.

It has three main burners plus a burner on the left side table (both tables are foldable), a compact cylinder cabinet, a small additional heating grate. The main cast-iron grate is larger (60x46 cm), a high voluminous steel cover, although it is single-walled. And the main difference is that it is more powerful: 13.2 kW versus 8.8-10.8 kW for the models described above.

This grill has a more modern design, it traces the features of the top Napoleon - Prestige series. The panel with gas burner control knobs is tilted, which makes control more convenient. The burners are ignited by piezo ignition, which does not require electricity.

It should be noted that the model is quite new, but people really liked it, maybe just this borderline. She is well bought.

The 425 is also available in steel color. It differs from the model in black in that it has a ceramic infrared heating pad on the left table, which is primarily designed to make juicy steaks. It can also be used to cook in massive cast-iron or steel cookware.

By the way, if you plan to cook on a spit on these Broil King and Napoleon models, then they do not have a rear burner for it, although the spit itself can be purchased and installed separately. The rear burner is a rather important thing. Without it, you can, of course, turn on the first and third burners not at full capacity in order to create a convection environment, but it would be much better with it. The absence of a rear burner has reduced the cost of the grill for the buyer.

But all entry-level grills, unlike portable ones, have aromatic plates above the burners that evenly disperse heat throughout the oven and at the same time protect the burners from fat and juice. In portables, only the Broil King Porta Chef 320 has this option.

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