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Best gaming monitor under 300

Best gaming monitor under 300 Online ZIP

In the chest, Nvidia has Fast-Sync software technology hidden deep in the driver settings and is a direct alternative to V-Sync. It appeared not so long ago, and therefore many users do not even know about its existence.
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Table of contents:

Screen shape and viewing angle

Most monitors, whether designed for gaming or not, have a flat screen. But there are curved screen monitors that provide better immersion by covering more of the player's field of view.

Like TVs, don't all offer the same viewing angle. Some of them allow you to see at an angle of 178 degrees, while others offer a limited angle and lose a lot of contrast. Obviously, during the game, the gamer sits in front of the monitor, but still this factor must also be taken into account.

Adjustable leg

Some monitors allow you to adjust their height, which is very convenient for tall gamers and those who are used to frequently changing their position in front of the computer. Thus, if you spend long hours playing video games, you will be less likely to develop neck pain.

Availability of inputs and connectors

Do you plan to connect something other than the system unit to the gaming monitor? Some monitors offer HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort inputs. Video cards with good performance usually offer a DisplayPort 1.2 port. It is much better than HDMI and more suitable for gaming.

Let's highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of matrix found in game models.

TN + Film

  • + high availability (with rare exceptions)
  • + maximum response speed and highest vertical frequency options (200-240 Hz)
  • − poor viewing angles, low picture stability
  • − banding, image posterization
  • - pronounced "crystal effect" (not always, but often)

Gaming computers and monitors: see Wikipedia

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