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These pets are very attached to the family and want to spend literally all their free time with their loved ones. They, as if they didn`t need solitude, love communication and new acquaintances. The French Bulldog destroys the notion that the bigger the dog, the smarter it is. Their intellect is sometimes surprising - they understand a person perfectly, they know how to guess desires, and they are well versed in the emotional states of their owners.
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The French Bulldog needs brushing once a week with a soft brush. Their ears need to be cleaned two to three times a week, but be aware that this part of their body is very sensitive. Eyes from deposits after sleep are usually cleaned every day, a dog is bought two or three times a week or more often if she sleeps with you in the same bed.

Front and rear limbs

The Frenchie's front legs are slightly shorter than their hind legs. This creates the effect of stooping when the dog is standing.


French Bulldog puppies are born with short tails that stay that way for life. Only its different curvatures are distinguished: for example, there is a “knot” tail or a “corkscrew” tail. It is also straight, without kinks.


The French Bulldog has a short coat with no undercoat. The structure of the coat is hard and dense, so the pet will not shed and get dirty. As for the coat colors of the French, the main ones are shown here: french bulldog puppys.

Types of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are classified into regular (standard) and dwarf. In another way, the variety is called mini. The growth of a miniature Frenchman is 26-28 centimeters, and the body weight does not exceed 8 kilograms. Usually "dwarfs" are born in standard representatives. This is due to the manifestation of the dwarfism gene. This is not a developmental defect.

To meet a long-haired French bulldog is a huge rarity. The breed always has short hair, so long hair is more likely the result of crossing a Frenchman with another thoroughbred dog.

Dental care

To prevent tooth decay in a dog, you need to give her tooth sticks. They are designed to clean the teeth of a quadruped. In addition, you can treat the French Bulldog with dried beef ears - this is good for your pet's teeth.

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