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The Most Powerful Web Video Player

The Most Powerful Web Video Player Online ZIP

The most powerful visual designer (400+ options) requires no programming skills and ample opportunities to create playlists with the desired design and folders for comfortable navigation.
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Start with any free template and customize it to bring your best ideas to life. Engage your audience and reach your savings goals.
Download the integration files and insert js-script into the source code of a web page. All the types of simple advertising integration and control available today, used in modern technologies such as HLS and Livestream, personalization and self-written forms are available with detailed statistics, metrics and a set of tools for analysis.

MPV player

Many of internet projects, webmasters, mobile developers and online companies are already using mpvplayer for video traffic, business development and revenue generation. Get absolute control and easily manage your videos with our self-service platform! The most powerful visual designer (about 300 options) does not require programming skills and ample opportunities to create playlists with the desired design and folders for easy navigation. On mpvplayer you can choose a ready-made skin from a large collection of ready-made video and audio templates with a powerful built-in statistics system. Possibility to connect Google Analytics, Yandex Metric or Mediascope to collect the necessary statistics. Support for subtitles with different languages ​​and customized design settings directly in the player. In the player settings, you can access all the monetization modes provided by our service or add your own ad tag. Create and customize your ad: choose one or more advertisers, manage display order, rotation, set targeting.

There are several ways to save streaming video to disk. The simplest is to determine the link to the file and then download it with any download manager.

Usually the link is hidden in a metafile (RAM, ASX, SMIL). If you right-click on the link to the video file in the browser window and select the "Save target as ..." command, the metafile will be saved to your hard drive. After that, you can open it in any text editor (for example, Notepad) and copy the link to the file. If the metafile is password protected or hidden using JavaScript, Flash, etc., you can try to open the file in the player and view its properties.

For example, to see a link to a video file in RealOne Player, you need to execute the View > Clip > Clip Info or View > Clip > Clip Source command. As an alternative to this method, you can use programs that allow you to trace the source of the file, such as URLSnooper.

If the link could not be determined, you can try using special programs to download. They can be conditionally divided into two types: download managers that support protocols that are used when transferring streaming video, and programs for capturing video streams. The former allow you to download a file from the server to your hard drive, while the latter allow you to intercept it during viewing and write it as a separate file.

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